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The Big Zuuvi Guide

This guide has everything from answers to all your questions about workflow, features, and best practices. 
Zuuvi has everything both the Graphical  Designer and Digital Marketer: 

  • Studio is the workspace for designers with full creative freedom and the ability to create templates with an eye-catching design within your brand's visual identity versioned to as many formats as needed.

  • Creative Manager is where you can set up your campaigns and creative sets using all you have created in Studio and even version ads by e.g. changing the message and image, and of course export all your creatives for any DSP you might need.



Level 1

Creative Home

Welcome to Creative Home, grab a coffee, a compfy robe, and slippers, and make yourself at home 🤩

👆 Important note:
We highly recommend you use Google Chrome when working in Zuuvi, as it gives you the best experience.

Download Chrome here 


1.1 The home base 

Meet your home base in Zuuvi. Here you have access to all the different aspects of the platform, stay updated with new features, and much more.

The most important aspects are: 

  • Access Creative Manager and Studio from here.
  • Create a campaign or template directly from Creative Home.
  • Our helpdesk and knowledge articles to ensure fast and agile knowledge sharing 🎉

See the video below for a tour of your new "home": 


Level 2

Creative Studio

What time is it? It is time to get creative that's right.
Studio is a creative space where only your imagination sets the boundaries and your design skills can flourish.

2.1 Template Overview

To stay organized add your templates to groups as this help you keep the structure of all your templates. You can divide your templates into e.g. customers, markets, dynamic, or product categories - it is all up to you. 

  • Create as many groups as needed, then simply drag and drop templates around.

  • You can create multiple “sub-groups” to take your structure to the next level  #stayorganized  🎨

Now let's look at how you can build the best workflow for creating a template when working in Zuuvi.👇

2.2 Working in your template 

Now it is time to create your template, add images, amazing texts, and all the formats you need to empower creativity. 

In the video below we will go through: 

  • How you add formats and get the best start building up your design.  
  • Best practice on working with layers and how you add elements such as images and text. 
  • How you can create the best workflow when working across multiple formats. 

👆 Workflow hack:
Start by building up a "Standard template" that contains all the formats and elements you frequently use with the perfect design that fits your CVI. This way you can simply duplicate the template and make changes, so you don't
need to build it from scratch every time. 

(Pssst... rename your template by double-clicking on the name at the top of your workspace.
You can also name your formats by clicking the 3 dots next to the format name and create your perfect structure) 



2.3 Working with your layers 

Building up a good workflow with your layers is important. So now let us go through how to create a great overview and streamlined design process. 

First things first let's add some layers. 

  • Simply drag and drop images, SVG files, and MP4 files into your workspace. 

  • Text elements and other graphic elements are added to your left-hand menu.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (13)
Image editor

2.3.1 Our Image Editor 

The Image Editor is the perfect tool to ensure your image fits the format perfectly. With this tool, you have the options to crop, resize, and adjust your image as you like to achieve the desired look. 

Now what do the different tools within the Image editor do: 

  • Resize: You can by typing in the dimension at the bottom resize the format to the specific size you need for each specific format.
  • Crop: The cropping feature lets you pinpoint a specific area of the image you want to show on your banner by zooming in, flipping, or rotating your image.
  • Adjust: Here you can fine-tune your image by changing brightness, contrast, gamma, etc to achieve the best look for your image.
Groups in layers

2.3.2 Groups in layers

Grouping layers is another easy way to create a better and more manageable layer overview. You will be able to toggle close and hide groups so there are fewer layers to manage when working on your ad. 

Now how is this done? You simply have to: 

  1. Hold down "Shift" on your keyboard

  2. Click on the specific layers you want to group 

  3. Press CTRL/CMD+G.

  4. And voila you have created a group 🎉

A great next step is to name your groups to really take #Stayorganized🎨 to the next level. 

You can also add animations to groups which you can see more about in Section 2.5.


☝️ Workflow Hack:
Duplicate a group by clicking CMD/CTRL+D. This is a great shortcut as instead of creating the elements from scratch this will duplicate all the design aspects of the elements, animations, etc. This makes it super fast to create new frames in the same ad.
(Pssst.....This is also possible to do with an individual layer if you only need that one eg. text field)


2.4 Working across multiple formats

Now that we have shown off our organization skills within our formats and layers let us focus on the best process for designing and working across multiple formats

Adding Layers

2.4.1 Adding layers 

As mentioned in the video in Section 2.2, when you add a layer it will be added to all formats in the template. Meaning that: All graphical elements, text boxes, animations, etc. will be duplicated to all existing formats as well as new formats you might add along the way. 

Want to know more about how to add images, videos, and other creatives see 2.3 Working with your layers

Deleting layers

2.4.2 Deleting layers

With deleting a layer the process is to choose the layer and press "backspace" on your keyboard.

Any layer you delete from one format will be deleted from all formats in the template. However, you do have the option to "Ignore" a layer on only certain formats excluding the element from the final design. You can read more about this in the next section 2.4.3.

Also as the meme explains... erased from existence - but what if it was a mistake? 🤯
Don't worry! You can undo it by clicking on CTRL/CMD + Z to bring it back to life.

Ignore in formats

2.4.3 "Ignore in formats" 

Our magical feature “Ignore in formats” enables you to exclude elements from certain formats without having to delete them.

Now what does it mean and how does it work? Choose your layer, go under "Edit"  and click off the formats which should not include the layer and the feature will ensure it is not part of the final ad's design. 

Want to become an expert with the features?
We have created a guide for the readers out there 🤓


2.4.4 When changes become local to each format

Once you have finished creating an "out of this world" design on your "master" format and you go to edit the next format changes to text elements, animation values, and image edits will become local to that specific format. 

  • e.g. When you crop your pictures to fit the next format it will only affect that format.

pssst...deleting and adding elements will always be implemented to all formats 

2.5 Animations and effects - make your ad eye-catching  

Now that you have created the absolute best foundation for a great workflow,  it is time to use your creative superpowers and play with animations and effects. This step is what truly pushes your ads to the next level and is a great way of creating eye-catching ads.

In Studio you are able to add as many animations and effects as your creative soul desires. In the video below we will show

  • How to add animation and effects 
  • How to edit animations
  • Shortcuts and as always best practice

Here you have an overview of the animations - a great read if you ask the authors which are us but still 5/5 ⭐️🤓

Design tip

2.5.1 Design tip ✏️

If you are working with a static background picture a highly powerful tip is to add a Scale animation to add great movement and make it more captivating.

You can also lift your creativity by adding a "Move effect" on your text or image layer. This way you will be able to display multiple frames. Hereby increasing the number of messages and cool creatives you can display in a smooth way over the span of your ad. 


☝️ Workflow hack:
Duplicate animations by saying CMD/CTRL+D. You can also Copy and paste animations from one layer to another by using the well-known shortcut CMD/CTRL+C to copy and CMD/CTRL+V to past


2.6 Clicktags 

Next up we will look at how you can insert your ClickTag, to make sure your customers are re-directed to the correct landing page

Within Zuuvi this process is quite easy. In your right-hand menu, you will see the tap Clicktag. Here you have the option to add a "Global Clicktag" as well as a "Content Specific clickTag". Sooo what is the difference? 

  • Global ClickTag will be applied to the entire format, making the entire as clickable. 
  • Content-specific ClickTags will only be applied to the elements you choose when setting it up in Studio or Manager. Hereby only by clicking that specific element will the customer be redirected to this page 

You can of course add both Global and Content specific click tags in the same creative, to ensure full control of your ad. 

Learn more about the possibilities with our ClickTag feature 😄

Clicktag gif for onboarding page


2.7 Preview of your template

Now that you have finished designing your formats, you have the option to send a preview of the ads to your client for approval or colleagues for sparring.

A cool detail about the preview link is that it will update automatically as you make changes and save, so you only have to send the link once 🤯

Preview template


2.8  The all-important  “Save and publish”  button 

Now that you have created an awesome template, you are ready to enter Creative Manager. Let me introduce you to the "perhaps" most important button “Save and Publish”: 

  • This button pushes your templates to Creative Manager so they can be used to create campaigns and is found under "Finalize" in your right-hand menu.

If you love guides here is a step-by-step on how to utilize "Save and publish". 


Psst.... you are able to lock layers in Studio so that the design cannot be unlocked or moved when used in Creative Manager. This way you ensure control of the design. 

Cheat codes for Studio

Cheat sheet for ad production

Knowing where to start in terms of weight limits, formats needed and other limitations can be a bit tricky. Therefore we have created this Cheat sheet to ad production with the most common DPS 🤩

giphy (21)-gif


How to work with overflow?

Overflow enables you to see and utilize the space outside your formats dimensions, so try to press CMD/CTRL+2 to turn overflow on/off.

So if you are having trouble catching the edges of your element to resize or cannot find an element you added in your format try to use Overflow 😄


How do I Clear cache in my browser?

Are you experiencing that your preview link is not updated and looks different from your view in the workspace? 

The solution for this: 

  • Try to Clear Cache on your browser. As we are an online platform this can hold on to old versions of your banner. We have created this guide and highly recommend installing the chrome extension for fast clearing.


How to create a CTA button?

A CTA button is a great way to grab attention to your banner. We have created a few guides to show how easily you can create a CTA as well as how to add a pulse effect:   

How to compress the weight of my MP4 file so I can upload it to Studio?

All MP4 files need to be under 4 MB to be uploaded to Studio. This is to ensure that your final banner will not be too heavy to upload. We have two really effective tools which can help you get down the weight of your video: 

How do I upload my customer font?

In Zuuvi you can upload your custom font, and as soon you have uploaded it to one template the font will be available on all templates you have created or will create in the future ✏️

Also see this helpdesk for a short guide.

How do I move my canvas?

You can move your canvas around your workspace to optimize its position for the individual format.

  • Simply hold down space and drag your workspace around. 

Level 3

Creative Manager

Ready for the next step in your Zuuvi adventure - we sure are - let's go. Welcome to Creative Manager, the place where you can create campaigns, edit your account, make smaller adjustments, and export your ads to share them with the world.

3.1 Campaigns & Creative sets

Campaigns are essentially groups for your campaigns. They help create an overview of your campaigns that everyone on your team can follow. #StayOrganized 🎨 Best practice we see from our customers is to divide them into e.g: 

  • Markets 
  • Brands 
  • Campaign such as Always on 
  • Product categories

You can create them directly in Creative Manager by clicking "+ new campaign"


3.1.1 How to create a Creative set

Now it's time to put your template to use and create your Creative Set.  

How you create a Creative set is truly simple. Click on  "+ New Creative set", pick the template, give it a name, choose the campaign, and maybe add a tag to show of your organizational skills 🚀 

Want to level up your workflow in Manager - we have a small selection of must-read material: 

3.2 How to edit your ads in Creative Manager


3.2.1 Making smaller edits in Manager 

Within Creative Editor you have the option to make small changes to text, images, and clicktag e.g. to correct a spelling error, change the image, or clicktag across multiple formats... then look no further than the video on your left 😉 

In the video, we also show some best practices when working in Creative Editor! 

More of a reader? understandable find our New York Times bestselling guide below: 

Pssssst..... If you are hosting through Zuuvi  you have the option to push these edits to live ads. Our live editing feature is f*cking cool (if we have to say so ourselves...)  and is conveniently explained by Emma in section 3.6 

3.5 Exporting creatives

YAAAAAAY it is finally time to export your creatives to share them with the world and show of your amazing work. By following the guide below you can see how you can both export your creative set!  

You will find many different export options such as Google, Adform, Adnami, etc. To get an overview of the options as well as if your DSP has any restrictions you need to be aware of look no further than this lovely overview

You can also batch export your entire campaign instead of the individual ad.  

3.6 What is Live Editing and how does it work? 

NB: This feature is only possible if your ads are hosted through Zuuvi.

With live editing, you can update ads that are currently live on websites. This enables you to: 

  • Fix spelling mistakes with just a few clicks.
  • Change prices or products
  • Split test with colors, designs, etc.  

We have made a number of guides for you to see the process of making the changes in Studio and Creative Manager to push the changes live: 

Export options

How to export for Social Media?

When exporting for Social Media choose the export option MP4. And of course, if you have an entire creative set for both SoMe and display simply when exporting click of your display formats so you just get your SoMe formats out ´! 

What to be aware of when exporting to Google Ads?

Google ads have a long list of restrictions, the most noticeable being: 

  • Weight of max 150 kb 
  • No videos 

Become a Google ads expert and figure out how you can get your ads accepted with Google Ads. 

Export for high-impact creatives

When exporting for high-impact formats such as wallpaper, top scroll, mid scroll, etc. the optimal result will be achieved when exporting as Adnami. 

When saying high-impact, you also have to say  "responsive". So what are responsive banners you might ask? Well, in short, responsive display ads are ads that automatically adjust in size, appearance, and format to fit the available ad slots they will appear on. This means that the same responsive ad can appear on a smaller screen and simply scale up to fit those dimensions on a bigger screen - making your ad magical in all sizes. 

  • We do recommend creating a format for phones and a format for desktops.

Here in Zuuvi, making your ad responsive is very easy as you only have to "click" on the magic button when exporting your creative. 

Screenshot 2022-03-24 at 09

Cheat codes for Creative Manager

Online tools for optimization of workflow

There is a bunch of great online tools which can help streamline your production process. We have created a cheat sheet where we have collected all the online tools we use on a daily basis. 


New updates to the template design in Studio?

You have the option to update your ad design from the template you have created in Studio. So if you want to add another format, add an animation, another text element, etc. you have the option. 

How to move the canvas?

You can move your canvas around your workspace to optimize its position for the individual format.

  • Simply hold down space and drag your workspace around. 

Zuuvi Dynamic Add-ons


Are you creating magic with our DCO feature then see all relevant helpdesk articles here:


Thank you!

For following us through this tour of Zuuvi.

If you have any questions or need any help,  just reach out in the chat or at care@zuuvi.com then we are ready to help 

- All the best, Emma, Nikoline and Nicoline